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11: Metal Buildings


Q: Metal building is 40' x 60' x 22' with 1:12 pitch clear opening of door is 30' x 18'. please ship two Schweiss bifold liftstrap doors (no cables please) with man doors and remote openers. When can I expect delivery to upper peninsula in Michigan? Can we do our own insulation and install?


Q: My metal building  is 40 feet wide with a 39x14 foot opening and I'm looking for a bifold strap door at a reasonable price. Please quote lift straps/autolatches and insulation, Call or e-mail for more info.


Q: I have asked for a bid on a 14'7" wide Schweiss Bifold strap door and it is 12' tall going on a metal building, can you please tell me the price of both installed and not. I live in Chariton IA - Thanks


Q: I looking to put a new Schweiss door on my metal  building and I dont want to lose any head room. The building is 14 feet high x 36 wide and i would like at least a 25 foot wide door. Doesn't matter which kind, hydraulic or straplift bifold, whichever will give me the most headroom.