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Q: Looking for a glass bifold or hydraulic Schweiss door, dimensions 16wx8h Another 9wx8h a walkthrough slider or traditional door built in which will overlook my patio pool area. Seperate price on each. Thx! Is it possible to get an insulated and tinted glass.


Q: We are meeting the home builder customer tomorrow with preliminary costs. Please call or email me the costs as soon as possible on both the Schweiss single piece and folding liftstrap door. We would also need the lead time for the door.


Q: We are interested in a hydraulic powered Schweiss glass door system for our post and beam home. There is 44 inches between each post (five in total with windows) with a height of 80 inches, in-between is single pane glass. Can you tell us if this system would be applicable? Unfortunately the posts in our home cannot be removed to make way for a sliding door system so we were thrilled to see your system in the new home & architectural trends magazine. cheers,


Q: Looking for two Schweiss one piece hydraulic doors - sized 8'wide by 8' tall - all glass- I seen some pictures on your website and it is a really clean look. It will used for north facing wall of pool patio. Clear glass preferred - tempered? can you shoot me the difference if it were made of aluminum instead of steel.


Q: Looking at both types of Schweiss doors, bifold liftstrap and one piece hydraulic. Designing a New indoor/outdoor patio that will use glass doors. Would like to have your great drawings shown on website so I could work with them. How much head space is required above a 14 ft high door? Need to be able to determine eave height. Would like as much info as you can get me. Lonnie 


Q: Guest house turned into expensive toy (motorcycles,bmw,boat) storage. 8ft eve low slope to back, standard overhead won't work. Schweiss Hydraulic glass tinted glass/aluminum frame hydraulic door 10-12ft wide would be nice. If free standing header is installed in opening only room for 7ft tall opening. Exterior would be finished in vertical siding.