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196: Hydro Power - H


Q: I need the spec sheet for sizing a generator to the hydro power door motors I have.  I seem to have misplaced the one I recieved can you send me one via email thanks 


Q: Please provide a quote and door specifications for a Schweiss hydro-powered pivoting door: 12'-0" high clear opening 10.25"  (total height = 12'-10.25"), 48'-0" wide. Thanks.


Q: Side columns and overhead support C Red Iron. The opening is negotiable and so is the supports. Is there any other info or specs you or I need for supporting a Schweiss hydro-power door?


Q: I am looking to replace a horizontal sliding door of my pole barn. I really like the Schwiess hydro powered door and think it would be perfect for what I need. The door would need to fit an opening for 14ft high and 18ft wide. Please provide me with an estimate for doors you have to fit the above requirements. Please add a walk through door and insulation.Thnak you