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23: General


Q: I am looking for a straplift bifold door I can put on a steel quonset. Is there a way Schweiss Doors can do the install to open the entire endwall of my round roof building to gain width and height?


Q: Saw your ad in Ground Support. we now use cables and were delighted to see there is someone out there who has a liftstrap system that your Schweiss Doors company has, just wanted some backup info, such as cost, installation procedures and if these can be put on a bifold door from a different company. thanks


Q: I own a building that has a 44' wide by 12',6" tall (open to 9',6" clear) Schweiss Bifold door. We just had a hurricane come through my area and I need to know an approximate value or replacement value for the door. Can you provide me with a rough estimate. Thanks.


Q: I recently purchased an Executive Hangar at HMT Airport that has a Schweiss bi-fold door (60' opening). I note that several metal placards (wall mount) are missing (compared with neighbor hangars). Is is possible to order replacement placards. I can send photos by emails of the missing placards. 


Q: We are a not for profit organization and are building a hangar at the Palmyra airport (88C). We are wondering if you offer any Schweiss Door discounts for not for profits. We are a 501(3)c organization.


Q: We have a Model S12 #261 SN 2602 That works wonderfully. Who can I talk to about doing regular maintenance to keep my door running that way? Is there an authorized service company in Fairbanks, Ak. Thanks


Q: I purchased a house and hangar with a Schweiss cable bifold door. I love it, but have a few questions: 1) I did not get a manual - is it possible to get a manual for the installation / adjustment / maintenance? Door is 40 wide, cable drive, auto latches and center pin. I believe it is 12' high opening. (plus or minus a bit) 2) Door has Up / Down / Stop buttons on the control as well as on the wireless remotes. It requires that the Up or Down button be continually held down to operate the door (deadman). Is it an option to program it to require a single push for up or down? 3) I have the wireless option, It works good but I want to extend the range on it? What can I use for a replacement antenna? Thanks much! Samuel


Q: I am now the happy owner of a hangar with a Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold door Model# S-13, and love the door. Unfortunately the owners manual must have got tossed after it was installed. I am concerned about properly maintaining the door. Do you have a manual and how much would it cost? Thank you. Carmen Johnson


Q: We used a Schweiss bifold strap door on one of our abrasive blasting facilities under a gvt contract. And the door works flawlessly. The contract required electronic copies of our manuals. Since your manuals are included with our facility manual, we need to provide electronic copies of your manuals.  Please e-mail to me electronic copies of the following three manuals. Manual 380.4 Hydro-Power Doors Manual 300-H Safety Information & Operatins Manual Manual 311 Safety Decals Placement Guide Manual Thank you for your assistance, Regards.


Q: I need to know how the Schweiss hydraulic and bifold strap doors are shipped. Air, sea, rail or land? How many sections etc. Are the skins on the doors or do I install skins from the building mfg.? A catalog might explain this if you care to send one. Thanks C Dumont


Q: How do you lift the bi-fold strap door when there is a power failure? Do you have a backup system that can hook up to a portable generator or would I have to use a hand crank?