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46: architect


Q: Hello, I'm working on a large commercial renovation project in Detroit and we are looking at putting a system of architectural bifold doors around the perimeter of a space. The doors would be sized to accommodate an existing structural grid that's 20' on center and the doors would be 32' high. There would be a total of 700 linear feet; 34 20' bays. We're looking at options of both 20' wide liftstrap bifold Schweiss doors and 40' wide liftstrap doors along the system. The finish material would all be glazing. Does this seem like something your product could accommodate? Also, could you provide a rough estimate of the price range per square foot of a system of this sort? Any feedback and product recommendations are welcome Thanks.


Q: How can I get the CAD drawings for my Schweiss hydraulic door order. The architect is requesting them, You can send to my fax #.


Q: I'm an Architect in California. Can you give me rough pricing on: (2) Schweiss Doors, 15'-1" wide x 16'-0" high. Price as both a B-Fold with straps  and One Piece with a rachet backup system.  We will put our own skin on the door. Thank you. Adam F.