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10: Aircraft Hangar Doors


Q: Good afternoon I'm looking for bifolding doors for an airport hangar. As I have is 70 'wide by 45' tall if you could help me with a quote I would appreciate that. My pilot husband says to be sure and get the straps, not the cables, whatever that means. He said Schweiss Doors will know. Oh yes, a remote opener like we have on our garage but with good distance cause he wants to open and shut it from the air.  Veronica 


Q: We request for quotation about bi-fold doors for an aircraft hangar, dimensions: 22.00m x 6.43m. following the characteristic required: The door framework is to be welded Aluminum sections engineered by the door manufacturer as required. The door shall be engineered to resist all anticipated loads without sagging, bowing or conflicting with its smooth and efficient operation. The design shall be furnished, approved and sealed by a professional engineer registered in destination state (if required). The door is to be equipped with a completely pre-wired bottom AC drive, including all necessary mounting hardware, limit switches, and upper over-ride limit to prevent the door from traveling beyond designed opening height. Button rollers shall have mask bearings (extra heavy duty roller bearings) on 3 inch wheels. Strap style Bifold Lifting mechanisms and components shall be designed with a 5.1 safety factor. The door shall be bi-fold canopy type and shall be electrically operated. The electrical operator and controls shall be the products of the manufacturers normally engaged company for the production of such equipment. The electrical operator and controls shall be the manufacturers latest design.


Q: Hi, I'm a commercial builder in Western Australia and a bloke wants me to build him a aircraft hangar. He has been to America and seen Schweiss doors or similar and would like me to try and use them. We need 2 of the vertical lift bifold strap doors and they will need to be about 20m wide and 6m high. Can you please call me or email me with some prices and some info about them. Regards 


Q: We are trying to put together a rough estimate to see how big a hangar we can justify building in place of one that we are going to tear down. We originally planned a 2 plane building 92X36 with 2 doors but may have to scale it back to a 60 X 36 with one 44 X 12 bi-fold strap door. We currently have several of your doors and would like to add another when we build. Can you give me an estimate for a Schweiss strap lift, bi-fold, with a 110v motor (no windows or pass door) for a clear opening of 12 X 44 ft? Thanks!


Q: Need a price on 80x18 and 50x18 Schweiss bi-fold doors, for a 100x120 hangar. 80' will go in the end and 50' will be installed in the side. I already own a building with one of your 48x18 bifolds in it and it has performed flawlessly for me. Drive motor is on the bottom, strap lift. Thanks.


Q: We have a potential client whom is looking for a complete bi-fold hangar door system, 80' x 24' c/w electric operator. I have heard great things about the Schweiss door and would like to get one priced out. Just curious, how many liftstraps will be connected to the door? Thank You! Jean St. Micheal


Q: I am taking quotes for an aircraft hanger full steel construction. Please send a quote for 2  Schweiss bi-fold doors with straps. Each door which will include one 3-0x7-0 personel door. thanks.