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105: Ag Buildings - H


Q: Owner is trying to save money so we have down sized the door dimensions. I think he'll regret it when he orders larger farm machinery in the years to come, but the boss is the boss. Please re-estimate the price for a 40' door instead of the 60'. Everything else is the same.  Gerald K.


Q: Schweiss Doors did a quote for me back on the 8th of this month. The quote/bid # is 11811-KL. There is a change in the width of the hydraulic door from 30' wide up to 36' wide. Can I get a price on that. Thanks so much. My farm machinery keeps getting bigger over the years. I'm thinking ahead on this.


Q: Dear Sir, I am building a new hanger on my farm. I am planning a 60x60. I am thinking about a 16' ceiling and openings on both ends. I'm not sure what the best way to go is? I am thinking about a 44' on one end and a 54' on the other end. Maybe 2 54' hydraulic Schweiss doors instead? Please quote this package for me asap. What is your delivery time now? I am an EAA member, I talked to someone from your company at Oshkosh this year, he told me you could give a real nice discount for a 2 door EAA member special. Thanks, Larry 


Q: I need a quote for a hydraulic Schweiss one-piece door 40' x 10' 6' its going on a hog barn that was updated to recieve a Schweiss door. I'd like to have it insulated by you, but I will do the install.


Q: Door opening on my cattle barn needs to maintain the 14ft 10 in height & 31FT 1 in wide. Header is 5.5 in thick laminated beam 16 in high. Wondering if your Schweiss one piece hydraulic would be best for me?


Q: I am interested primarily in your one piece hydraulic doors, but would also like information on bi-fold strap lifting Schweiss doors. At this point my primary need is marketing literature, and any digital media you may have. Especially digital pictures of your products in Ag buildings.