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107: Aircraft Hangars - H


Q: I am building a hanger in Mississipi. We are getting quotes on the building. They will provide a framed opening for a big 60' wide by 16' High Schweiss bifold door system. They recommended you for the door. This is a private hanger so I need the most economical system you sell, be it straps, hydraulic, etc. One question, I understand that you furnish the frame for the door and all the hardware to attach, I will need to purchase the sheeting? Please clarify. Thanks.


Q: I will build a new hangar and would like to consider using the Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold or hidraulic doors. The width of the door will be around 90 feet and the height has not yet been defined. The hangar will accomodate 4 airplanes, 2 rows of 2 aircraft, the size of a Piper Malibu (PA46) or Baron B58 each. Please suggest what you think best suits for me and give me an idea of the costs (FOB) involved. Thanks.


Q: We have been asked to quote a steel building that will be used as a private aircraft hangar. The building is to be 110' x 40' x 20' with a 100' x 12' (needs 11' clearance) door. Please send your recommendation as to what door you think would be best. My guess is that would be a Schweiss hydraulic to give me the best power for a fast open and close.


Q: Need a bid on a hydro-powered one piece Red Power pump Schweiss door. Walk door, remote opener, backup system, windows. This is for an Aircraft Hanger in  NE.