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112: Architectural - H


Q: I saw your ad for hydraulic one piece doors in a Architectural Doors magazine and want an approximate estimate only. I have a city owned business building that I rent and don't know if they would let me buy my own door. The existing side ways slider doors are wore out. They don't have money in their budget to fix them (typical Government bureaucracy). so about how much for a 45 ft. wide x 18 ft. tall Schweiss bifold liftstrap or hydraulic door? Probably nothing fancy, just the basics. Can we do the installing here in Calif.


Q: I'm a architectural designer and I get involve in a lot of barn, shed design in my area ... and lately more and more customer talk about these "bi-fold" doors so I found your site in a search and I'm sending this to ask if you guys have any "cad" files of your doors design I could use to put in my plans to show the proper designs ... of course I would includ your logo if you wish on any design I have to would requirer bi-fold doors ... didn't know if that would be something you guys have or not or would be willing to share ? but I'll never know if I don't ask :)  I run Autocad, Softplan and Sketchup (more Sketchup and Softplan) any help or info will be greatly appreciated !! Thanks in advance