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118: Boat Houses - H


Q: Constructing a boat barn addition on an existing residence. Endloading barn will be 24 wide and 50 long. 5 block with slab foundation, LVL wall studs 18' high. After looking at your Lake Vermilion Schweiss website video I have decided on a hydraulic one piece Schweiss door with a remote opener.


Q: This is to replace barn style sliding bay doors for our boathouse. I really loved the "Must See Photos" on the web site showing the boathouse hydraulic door on Lake Vermilion and need a quote on a hydro door. High humidity setting.


Q: I am looking for a custom boathouse door that appears to be a carriage door only with siding bolted to the upper portion of the door. I think I want a one piece door like you show on your website story and video. It's so cool. Please call me I can send you pics. Thanks, Marvin


Q: I have a boathouse with a 10' wide segmented door that substantially reduces inside headspace. I'm looking at the Schweiss one piece hydraulic aluminum frame door product with cedar exterior cladding for an improvement. Please advise on local vendors/installers. Thanks!