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119: Both Doors - H


Q: We would like to be your sales rep for Taiwan, a small but growing market in Asian Pacific area. We have clients seeking bi-fold and hydraulic type Schweiss doors for aircraft hangars as well as for industrial and commercial building applications. Most doors width requirements are from 3 meters to 12 meters, height from 3 to 10 meters. If you do not have a sales rep, dealers, etc., in this part of the world, please advise. It would be great to hear from your company to establish businesses. We are very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of your Schweiss Doors. Sincerely, B. Lin 


Q: We have a customer on a budget looking at a rollup door and I'd prefer to put in a Schweiss bi-fold or hydraulic one piece door for a heavier duty, better sealed and finished building. Site is in South Carolina. I've installed your doors that customers purchased and I sold, installed, and serviced your doors as a sales manager for a building Co. Need lit. and pricing range for a 40' x 13' door going into a wood frame building with metal skin. Thanks.


Q: Please price both a bi-fold and hydraulic door.Please price bi-fold with straps. Please price labor separately. Need 18' clear. Also need design specifications emailed or faxed for both so I can send to Butler for endwall design. Thank you.


Q: Dear Sirs, Please quote both doors (Bi-Fold / Hydraulic) as below. Not sure which one I want, both styles have great qualities. Like the straps, like the Red Power with spherical bearings and compact pump unit that can be mounted anywhere. Best regards, Howard


Q: Hi, I have recently had an extension garage built where I used to have decking, the space is far more secure now and is an additional garage. I was thinking of leaving it open but I've decided to put a door on it. As the internal span is 8 metres, I am struggling to find something that doesnt look industrial. I was thinking of having it done in wood, like a nice light oak, or if costs are too much, a pvc light oak effect. The issue Im worried about is the height. Internal I think there's 7ft 10", if the door folds at the front, how much height would it consume? Would I be better going for a hydraulic option. Could you give me some prices and ideas of costs for delivery to the UK. Regards Steve