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122: Commercial - H


Q: Face mount seems to be the option that would work for my commercial mail out business building. I have an 8" foundation wall that extends up 18" and then a traditional 2"x6" wood framed wall on top. The six inch wood wall is placed to the outside of the 8" thick concrete wall. There is a 4"x12" wood header over the opening. We'd like to have price on your Schweiss one piece hydraulic door.


Q: We've got a carwash under construction and the carwash equipment was installed too close to the location of where the overhead door was supposed to be installed. We're now forced to come up with a door solution which does not roll up into the building. A hydraulic Schweiss door which opens outward I believe would solve the trick. I've glanced over your website and it is very infomative and I have just noticed a single panel hydraulic door that would work. The opening is 10w x 20' and door would be electrically opened after customers punch in a door code, if that option exists. Exterior material would be a metal building panel. We've got to find a solution to this unforeseen problem if you guys are able to come up with another idea, I'd be more than happy to listen. Thanks,