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125: Crane Door - H


Q: Need price and design loads for single panel hydraulic industrial grade steel crane door 46' x 14'  Will send sketch under seperate cover Any questions please call. Need door loads to properly design the header and framing for suppport of the door on our proposed structure.


Q: New construction with I beam across Schweiss hydraulic crane door with a free standing header. What info do you need for a quote?


Q: I am looking at two possible options for a future wood commercial crane door building. The information for the first door is filled in below, the second option would be the same information except for the size of the door. The second option door size is to be 40'-0" wide x 20'-0" tall. Please quote the bifold liftstrap and hydraulic Schweiss doors separately. Any questions please give me a call. Thank You.


Q: Hi, I am putting up a 50 x 75 x 18 shop I am working with extreme panel and a local lumberyard for competing bids. Would like a bid on the largest Schweiss crane door available for the 50ft span. I would like to look at both hyd and bifold. I am tring to get the building done before year end. Thanks, Curt


Q: We need a hydraulic Schweiss crane door for a 16 X 45 foot opening on a concrete building. This is a non insulated building. We are in Canada and have a base in northern USA


Q:  The Existing structure which houses our industrial crane is being renovated and we are increasing the height, and a full seismic upgrade will includes a moment frame at the opening where a Schweiss bi-fold liftstrap or hydraulic door is to be located. As long as we are replacing this door and making it larger, would you recommend a straplift bifold over a Schweiss hydraulic or vice versa. We had no problem with the hydraulic door in the past, but just want to pick the Schweiss brain because you know more about doors and what works best.