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126: Designer Doors - H


Q: I have 4 openings on my porch at my restaurant. Would like to do some bifold door/window like in the picture of Sidneys on your site. The openings are 72" high and 80" wide and there are 4 of them. Can you give me an idea of the cost for something like you did at Sidneys in your hydraulic one piece Schweiss Door....ASAP


Q: I'm in the process of remodeling a wood hangar my father built 50 years ago and we are bringing the structure up to modern building standards plus, plus. The hangar stores a seaplane with a dolly system to move the plane in and out of the water. The location is gorgeous and the building will have a 4' ribbon of glass around the entire building. I'm hoping to win the "Better Home and Hangar" award. :) Hydraulic one piece Door will need a great glass design as well. Confident Schweiss is my solution.


Q: Schweiss quiet running hydraulic pump Designer Door for hospital use: Include With Door: (1) 3068 Vuelite Walk Door (2) 4030 Slider Windows Auto Latches With (2) Remotes Framing girt at 4'-0" for Wainscot Exterior Sheeting, Aluminum frame.


Q: Interested in carriage-style residential cedar wood double-car garage Designer Schweiss hydraulic lift doors. Love the FAQ on your site but can't seem to decide on one or two doors. Interested in approximate costs, safety around kids, etc. Thank you.


Q: Looking into a custom glass designer one piece Schweiss door for art studio  opening. Use cycle for door is open in the am closed in the pm. We want door to appear as part of facade when closed. We may not cross the property line. Is there anyway to open inward not outward? I look forward to your response. Lynda


Q: 1) 64' X 16' Bi-Fold Door with door 2) 40' X 16' Bi-Fold  3) 20' X 8' Hydraulic one piece door, Designer Door wall for pool & patio entrance.  First two doors to be hung on steel ag storage buildings


Q: Looking for bi-folding 1 panel Schweiss designer glass garage door, hardware. Hydraulic doors lift vertically.