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134: Farm Shop - H


Q: I am pricing a new metal building for a farmer and am working on finding the most economical fit for the doors. He is wanting a 60' x 75' hydraulic Red Power cylinder farm shop building with a 20' x 16' door on the 75' wall, and a 30' x 16' door on the 60' wall


Q: I also need a quote on one 14' x 14' hydraulic one-piece to be installed in the same steel building as the door below. It is to go in a sidewall. These doors are for a local farmer's equipment shop I am quoting for late spring construction. The sidewalls of the building are 18' high and I was hoping a 28' wide x 18' high door in the endwall would work. If possible please the include payment requirements. Thank you


Q: I am looking at replacing my sliding door on my farm shop I need a 34 foot wide by 16 foot tall door but I don't want to lose much head room. Please send me a quote for both doors -- the Schweiss straplift bifold and the Red Power hydraulic one piece door. I am very interested.  Thank you


Q: Hello, I visited someone from Schweiss Doors at the Farm Fest show last August about hydraulic doors for my shed. Someone was out and met with me (I can't remember his name) and we measured for the doors. he e-mailed me the quotes so quick. I was suprised. Thank you and keep up the good work. You guys treat your customers right!


Q: Howdy Folks Need a quote on a 40' X 18' Schweiss hydraulic one piece door for a metal farm shed. Can you provide a quote delivered to our little ole' farm in Tennessee?


Q: Need a price on a 16 ft. tall by 20 ft. wide ag shed door. I have no preference of Schweiss bifold straplift or hydraulic, but it may depend on the price difference.