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137: Free Standing Header - H


Q: Interested in a Schweiss Hydraulic one piece door  system for a 10.5-ft x 15-ft approximately. My garage is older but still solid. What if any reinforcing, like a free standing header, would I have to do for my building.


Q: I am interested in free standing hydraulic lift Schweiss aircraft hanger doors and/or hangers for small personal ultra lite aircraft. Please send me a catalogue. Thank You!


Q: Need to close a 12ft wide by 9ft tall opening with a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door in a metal storage shed. Can't simply hang a garage door because there is nothing to support it. So, I was thinking of using your free-standing headers. Also, the shed is located at least 50 miles from the nearest city. It is totally off-grid. How can you help? 


Q: Looking for a bid on a Schweiss one piece hydraulic door. I have an older wood barn that I am a little leery on to support the door. I see you have a free standing header, that should fix that problem. How do you trim out a electric bi-fold door. what materials do you use.


Q: I would like a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door that is 32' wide X 14' high. It is going on an existing older structure. It is all wood and my contractor needs the details about the door before he installs it. Also price a free standing frame for it. Please include delivery to Snohomish, Washington


Q: I would like to put hydraulic all glass garage door on the my sunroom....but there is no sliding door or wall...just open space with roof so I will also need a free standing frame. I need 2 sides one will be 9x7 and another side is 20x7. I would like to have some idea how much will be. thank you


Q: We are building a barn-style garage with a 2nd floor shop. The door will be in the end wall of the bottom floor. Most of the engineering plans you show have the door attached to the rafters. What do we need to do to support the Schweiss hydraulic one-piece door in the end wall of a two story building - a free standing header? We would like the door to look like a double barn door with the "X" design,similar to one showed in your agricultural building photos. We would need the cold weather kit also. Can the door be opened when the power goes out?


Q: Good Morning, I need a 44 X 12 door for my farm wooden building. I may need a free-standing header and columns for bifold or hyd. Please quote.


Q: I'm interested in a Schweiss hydraulic Schweiss one piece hangar door utilizing a generator backup  system. 16' tall x 44' wide. Could you provide price and availability including a free standing header shipping to Alaska? Do you offer insulated doors?