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139: General - H


Q: Hi, I need to know whether I can get a Schweiss one-piece Hydraulic Door made to be opened side ways. like a standard double door. Please be kind enough to reply soon as I need the information to confirm my project. Thanks Chamindri. If you need me to send you a photo or two of the concrete building it's going on, I can do that. Also, can you arrange the overseas shipping paperwork?


Q: How long of a wait would we have if we ordered a hydraulic Schweiss door today. We would like to get the door right away, snow is coming and would like to plug the hole in my pre-engineered shed.


Q: I am planing to build airplane hangar with a 50w X 12h bifold strap door. What are the differences in hydraulic, cable, and strap lift systems? What is the useful life of the different systems? What problems have been experienced by operators? What is the price difference between manual latches and automatic latches with remote operating system?


Q: I would like to receive a catalogue of your beautiful Schweiss one piece hydraulic designer glass doors with specs.


Q: Hi , We are a Steel building manufacture and our end users have used your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors on many occasions. I would like to know what the maximun vertical deflection is allowed when doors exceed 30 feet wide. I ask this because another door manufacture has specified a deflection in inches and we would like to know what is acceptable in this format L/XXX where XXX is the allowable deflection Example L/180 Thanks