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140: Glass Door - H


Q: Working on a retail project in Waco area. Need a Schweiss hydraulic one piece glass door to cover an opening 18'-0" wide by 12'-0" tall. This encloses an open area for use when store is open and security when store is closed. Our thought is to use open position to provide "canopy overhang at public side walk. Need budget estimate for all frame and hardware. Will assume use of wood for surface treatment of frame. Your prompt response will be appreciated


Q: I am designing an indoor pool structure with a 16' ceiling height. I am interested in your glass doors similar to the Red Bull and the Ecology Center at Stanford. These Schweiss doors would be 12' wide and 10' tall with additional glazing above the doors to the ceiling. I like the bi-fold doors but wondering about the location of the drives. In either top or bottom mount the drive will show. I assume the Red Bull and Ecology Center are top mount above a ceiling or do they show from the interior? I've read that your hydraulic Red Power pump motorized unit can be stored out of site. That interests me a lot. Any suggestions for aesthetics in regard to glass doors?


Q: We were contacted by a homeowner looking for a Schweiss bifold window wall. The opening is in a residential building. They have a pass through window that goes to the exterior of their home. They would like to have a window that can raise and lower in this opening. I noticed in your pictures of jobs that you have done that you did something similar in a mall resturaunt. They would also like to be able to open this with some kind of a mechanical or hydrolic opener. Thank you


Q: Please send me information to better understand how to design and specify a glass bi-fold door system for a restaurant application in Park City, Utah. What is a typical lead time? This is a fast track project requiring a considerable amount of glass cladding in a Schweiss Designer style one piece door. Thank you.


Q: I have a client that has, or intends to purchase, a Schweiss Bi-fold or hydraulic one-piece glass/aluminum frame strap door. We need assistance with detailing and exactly how the door will fit into or onto the building frame. Door Purchaser is from LA. Please have someone call me as your earliest opportunity. Thank you