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144: Hangar Home - H


Q: Need a Schweiss bifold liftstrap door 45'W X 12'H....project is a hangar home in TX. I'd want the exterior cladding on the door to match my stucco house. The story you had on your "Photos of the Day" web page about the guy in Arizona who applied stucco to his hangar door was very helpful. I'm going to do it the same way he did. 


Q: Looking for hydraulic Schweiss door for my hangar home and I need installation priced. Job is in Mn. and I'll be heating the structure. Add weather kit and insulation package.


Q: This is a remodel of an older hanger home which had commercial roll up doors, now removed. The house is a day-light basement configuration. Attach points will be concrete walls, one paraell with the door and the other perpendicular. Perhaps a "free standing header" would be of interest. Am interested in a hydraulic one piece door with man door, windows, auto-lock and perhaps remote. The best demensions I have now is 40'0" x 9'10". Of particular interest is salvaging as much vertical clearance as possible. Intial contact is best with e-mail since I spend most my life in the air as an airline pilot. Thanks, Doug