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15: Aviation


Q: We are in very early planning for a new row of 11 (6 5) general aviation T-Hangars. Please provide specs and other considerations for the building to install doors approximately 40 wide. Please also provide rough (non-binding) price estimates.


Q: You provided the aviation bifold strap doors for our original 3 hanger projects. We are finishing a fourth Box Hanger and now are in need of the door, quote, specs, etc..... The building is Pre-Fab).


Q: Looking for a quote on a Schweiss Straplift Bifold aviation door. 54 foot wide opening with hinge ht of 16 ft above Fin floor. Lift Straps, Auto Latches and delivery to Willow, Alaska. 


Q: Dear Sir, I have visited your web site, very interesting, informative and very comprehensive. I have plan to set-up Aerospace College in Malaysia, including training center to train Pilots and many other applications such as Aircraft Repairs and Maintenance, we have airstrip/runaway to upgrade for all the above purposes. On the Hangars we're building I believe that the Schweiss doors will be ideal for this project. Later to be used for Air Cargoes and also turning the Airport for Disaster relief within Asean Region. Do you have agent in Malaysia or plan to nominate an agent? Can you windrate your doors?