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151: Hydraulic Doors - H


Q: Hello Schweiss, I'm designing a metal building with a hanger style hydraulic lift door on the end wall for a small church so they can use the same stage for indoor or outdoor events. The contractor has never installed one, and I'm concerned about the cost. Which may be two different issues, but maybe not... He did indicate that he knew someone that he would hire that had done several. Which brings me to my actual questions: Are there "standard" sizes that would keep cost down? It's a church... low budget, etc... but they do have a budget... :o) And can you give me a quote for a 28'w x 15'h hydraulic door  shipped to Fayetteville, NC area... Please offer closest standard size as well... and maybe another for 26' x 14'... still working on how tall the frame will be... We would like to apply white wood cladding on our end to cut on costs.  Thanks, I enjoyed learning about your products on your website. Chad