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152: Industrial - H


Q: Need a Schweiss industrial hydraulic door, opening is 42x14 with 2 feet of room above opening so total door size of 16x42 so door can give no loss of headroom


Q: I was looking for a budget quote on a 40 ft. wide by 19 ft. tall one piece hydraulic door for our industrial company. Also do you make a 20 ft. wide by 19 ft. tall door in a bi fold door and if so what would the cost be?


Q: I'm working with a large metal industrial building and we need one more hydraulic door. Can you quote a price for a door with a 24' width and 16' height. The building has a 26' side wall, so the ultimate height of the mechanism is not an issue. Your other Schweiss doors are working great.


Q: I need to price a big Schweiss hydraulic lift  industrial door that is 100' wide clear and 28' tall clear that will be installed on a new steel building near Atlanta Ga.