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155: Lake Home - H


Q: I am bidding on two projects and need prices on 3 - Schweiss doors. The first is a lake home garage 3-car garage and the other is a glass patio door  65' wide (glass wall door) with a 14' tall opening, so I am figuring for a 16' tall door. The second is a nearby agriculture structure owned by the same person. It will have 2 - bifold strap doors 25' wide and again, 16' tall. All doors are going to be vertical lift style and all need straps except for the big patio moving wall, which is hydraulic. thanks


Q: We would like a quote on a Schweiss aluminum framed bifold door with full glazing. This is for an oceanfront home, so corrosion is a concern, so I am leaning toward a lift strap system with a galvanized frame, but I would like to know the difference between that and the cable lift. We must also satisfy wind load requirements of DP 32 or higher. Please let me know if you have any questions.