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164: Military - H


Q: We are going to be building a steel aviation hangar on our air base 65x60 and would like to price out a Schweiss Doors hydro-powered one piece door approx 50x12 or do you have a standard size. Civil engineer wants to know about a backup system and warning lights and horns. Thanks


Q: I am looking for a quote for a 30' X 16' Schweiss hydraulic door for a military government helicopter hangar project. This door would be on the end of a 80' X 160' X 16' wood pole shed. I am looking for the cost of the door, all hardware, Red Power pumps, hoses, and mounts, shipped and installed. We would supply and install the steel siding on the door after your installation. If you have any questions, please call me on my cell phone. Thank you!


Q: I am a PE for a general contractor out of Virginia. We are bidding a project at a Naval Air Station. We need pricing for motorizing of the hangar hydraulic doors with your Red Power pump and LEESON motor. Please let me know if you would be interested in pricing this for us. Thank you