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17: Industrial


Q: Please price out two of the following. 2 each 80X25 Schweiss bi-fold industrial doors at our railroad roundtable location, with recommended amount of straps and powerful Schweiss motor for fast lift. I will need extra girt on the top and bottom section for a 7' carbonate panel. Also two of your backup systems one of which can be manual if that will work for big doors this size. Also, need a row of insulated windows, whatever you think is the best size and 2 mandoors. I believe we have equipment on hand to do the install, but tell me what I'll need. We have three large forklifts and a couple scissor lifts. Can these doors be shipped to Idaho via rail, that would really be nice.


Q: Please provide a quote for a 70' x 12' bi-fold door with lift straps. It will be in a steel industrial building structure. I assume you will determine how many straps it will use based on the weight of the Schweiss door.


Q: We have a shallow wide loading dock opening that needs a door. 15' high /- by 40' wide. We're loath to put a coiling door in that opening - afraid of frequent failures. I was trading emails with a Rep at Steel Structures, Inc. about a sliding door. He suggested I look Schweiss Doors up for your design and quality is the best. Our dock is or will be in Philadelphia. Union labor. We need a door to fit an opening that's 15' high at one end 14'-3 high at the other (sloping threshold) and 40' long. Your bi-fold with straps looks to be just the ticket, if it'll work. Can you help?


Q: Need loads and design data for a Schweiss bi-fold strap door. The structure is intended for industrial use. 12' clear height and 41'-6 clear width. wind 90 MPH exp C.