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170: pre-engineered steel - H


Q: This is for a project we're negotiating, hopefully the first of three buildings. This Schweiss hydraulic door will be placed in the 65' end wall, as close to the pre-engineered metal building corner column as possible, of a single 1:12 roof slope, clear span building with the high side eave height of 28' and low side eave height of ~22'-7".


Q: Please send me price and other important info about this Schweiss Red Power hydraulic door. It'll be installed on steel pre-engineered building. Price delivery to the St Louis, MO area


Q: Req. door quote for a hydraulic Schweiss door on a steel pre-engineered steel structure. options needed are remote opener and the fast lift straps.


Q: 1 need pricing for a 32'x14' Schweiss hydro Red Power door. This door is for the end wall of a new steel and wood preegineered building that I"m bidding on now. Please have someone contact me on the pricing of this door.


Q: Metal pre-engineered building: 30W X 50L with 12' high side walls on reinforced concrete slab. Walls will be 26 gauge R panel. Roof will be 2:1 pitch Galvalume. Frame is heavy steel pipe (anchored in reinforced concrete) with 8" I-beams(13 lb. per foot) attached on ends & in middle of building. Will use 8" "C" purlins (Girts & roof support). The frame will be welded. I'm interested in 12w X 10 or 11' high on each end of the building (2 Schweiss hydraulic lift doors).