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174: Retrofitting - H


Q: Good afternoon! Just purchased a hanger that I would like to retro fit with a new Schweiss hydraulic one pc. door. The opening is 12x40'. There are six inch wide steel beams on the sides and two 2x6 header. I'm interested in your door because it won't eat up the head room. What would I have to do structurally to have your door work safely on this exsisting structure, built in 1990? I'm tired of wrestling with the sliding doors, from what I've seen your Schweiss hydraulic doors are the best around and very well made.  Thanks, Russ


Q: Existing sliders have to go to the firepit, they're useless - opening is 27ft wide X 14ft 7in height Can it be retro fitted with on of your hydraulic Schweiss doors? Pole barn is 1994. THANKS 


Q: Have 2 buildings that have large sliding doors. And they never worked right. Arrggghh. I would like quote on 24x16, while other would like quote on 28x16. Would need to know what would be the better alternative, a Schweiss liftstrap bifold or a Red Power hydraulic door, as neither has a double truss now.


Q: Can my Schwiess bifold door be converted to a much larger hydro power door? My new farm machinery doesn't fit in the machine shed anymore. Thanks, Burton