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Q: I am looking for ideas and prices to fit a 48' X 16' biomass shop door requirement. Bi fold with straps is preferred and equally good choice is a Schweiss one piece hydro powered door. The building will be steel and have a 16' high opening. The door I am thinking about is angled at the top to put the hinge above the 16' mark.


Q: Hello, I am in the market for a new hydraulic Schweiss door for my shop. The opening is 16' x 12' and I have 2' of additional room. So the door size I'm looking for is 16 x 14. It's a sturdy 2x6 wood building, built in the 80's. Size of the building is about 30' x 40'. The building is heated, so the door would need to be insulated. I'm looking for a price, and any additional things we would need? Do you think we'd need a free standing header? Possibly a couple small windows for light? Also, can a person get a manual lift in case of a power outage? Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon, and hope we can do business.


Q: I have a 16x7 workshop need bid/ price of a 14' Schweiss one piece hydraulic door.


Q: I am looking for a Schweiss hydraulic door for my workshop. The opening is 16'x7' with a 12" x 4" header. I would also like the opener for the door to be able to be done remotely, to facilitate moving in and out of the building.