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180: Specialty Doors - H


Q: Hi, We are a retail distributer of doors on the Internet and wholesale in Florida. Recently we are getting more inquiries for Schweiss bifold liftstrap, windrated hanger and one piece hydraulic designer specialty doors. We would like to partner with your company so that we can quote or pass on these leads. Please contact me to discuss. 


Q: I need an idea what a big Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door would cost for a seaplane hanger with building width of 56'. Can you please include cost for windrating and remote opener. Also how much room is need at each end of door to house door? How much for a galvanized or aluminum rustproof frame?


Q: Howdy! I'm currently working out several different elevation options for a regional events center. I currently have a "dead corner" of a lean-to on my building that I would like to make into a concessions area with outdoor seating. I would like to use two Schweiss Hydraulic one-piece doors to open up that corner and shade the seating, your doors should be perfect for this. I can provide a screenshot of a sketchup model to depict the corner if that would be helpful. The sidewall elevation is 20' and the front elevation is 20' at the corner and increases on a 2/12 slope to 24' before terminating into into the main building. Still thinking about materials, could be glass, ltp, etc, or could be some kind of metal panel. The building will not be conditioned initially, but the hvac package is priced as an alternate and will be executed against in the near future, so these doors will need to seal against the building as closely as possible. Thanks for y'all's time. Randy