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185: Structural engineer - H


Q: I am a structural engineer working on a project that you company is supplying a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door for. The the GC is now on the job. I am a draftsman with a steel company that was hired to clad the door in copper. I am seeking .DWG files for this particular door pertaining to #19148. I am not sure what program you use to design your doors nut any file other than a .PDF that I could take exact dimensions off of would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Q: You priced 3 Schweiss hydraulic doors for my structural engineer before for this job. We now only need two. But we have moved the building and this door is being installed in the side wall. The building is wood but we have to carry the load with steel. So I have 8 x 8 square tubing on the verticals and a 8" x 24" I beam for the header. I will be 40' feet between the columns but I can adjust the height if need be. I would like to have a useable 18' of height. Please call with any questions.


Q: I am an architect and structural engineer from India. I read about the residential project executed by your company designer. I am very interested in the Schweiss hydro door products and would appreciate some more information also if you have any associates in India.


Q: I'm a structural engineer. Could you please provide quote for 40'wide x 35' tall Schweiss hydraulic door. Side columns to be I beams with top header tube steel. Door to be sheeted exterior with 24ga 7/8" rib corrugated panel. Please provide preliminary loading if available along with pricing. thank you.