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187: Thermal Door - H


Q: Need to find out about weather sealing my Schweiss hydraulic doors for winter. Does it come with gaskets and and seals or is that part of the a door kit?


Q: I would like to know what kind of weather strip you use on the side of your doors. I have a customer who has a ball or tube strip that is full of foam. There is a single strip that slips into a holder. Would you please send any info about your weather strip. The weather strip this manufacturer put on is very inadequate and when it rains hard water comes under and around the doors and so does cold air in the winter. Thank you.


Q: Call me if there are any questions. Is it possible to have a quote for a Schweiss hydraulic door? Is the winter kit something you sell as well? If so, its needed on all my new doors. Please list the cost of any other options. I will not want walk doors or windows in any of the doors. Let me know if there are exterior finish options other than color. Thanks


Q: Looking for a 44 x14 insulated door. How much opening will I get on a big Schweiss hydraulic one-piece door?


Q: I would appreciate recieving the following additional information: 1) What is the R factor or insulation value for your doors? 2) What should we budget for shipping, installation, etc. for a complete and operational hydraulic Schweiss door in addition to your quote?


Q: I need a price for 5 well insulated Schweiss Hydraulic Red Power doors opening 42'wide x 14'high Delivery to Canada, Quebec. I would also like some references for installers in the area to assist me in the installations. Thank you


Q: We are looking for a price to replace foam insulated panels for a Hangar door that is 20' x 14'. If you can assist us, please give me a call at the above number or email. I would like to compare your prices to other quotes. thank you so much, Mark


Q: Quote Request: Supply and install (2ct) insulated 30'wide x 10'ht Hydraulic Schweiss doors.  Location: Princeton, MN. Bldg Size 30 x 60 x10 Post-Framed (New Construction) Steel exterior panels Any questions please, call cell or Email. Thank you.


Q: Providing a proposal for a methyl bromide log fumigation building, with two 34' wide x 12' height doors. The building needs to be well insulated and air tight when closed. Believe your one piece Schweiss door will be best. Any options?


Q: We have a new 85' Schweiss hydraulic door that seals perfectly when closed. Is there an additional or better product I can use to re-insulate the door to get a better R-Value?