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19: Architectural


Q: We need in our design 2 Schweiss bi-fold door systems, dimension 18'Hx32'W, What is the worst case weight for any bi-fold door? We need this information to complete our architectural design and  be prepared to receive any of the Schweiss bi-fold doors system.


Q: We are an architectural firm in the Miami area. We are interested in using several of the Schweiss bifold liftstrap doors in a residential application. Before we deal with details our first concern is whether your product has a Miami-Dade N.O.A. Thanks in advance and a prompt reply will be greatly appreciated. Oscar


Q: I am interested in a price quote on a Schweiss bifold strap door similar to the picture of the two doors provided for the architects office in San Francisco. The door in the picture was 12' x 9' and I would be looking for a door which was 12' wide x 8' in height. Our architectural building is mostly brick  construction and we'd like glass on this door. Thank you.