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191: Wind Load - H


Q: 90 c wind rated metal door goes on endwall of a 70 X 100 X 24' eh 3/12 building. I want the Red Power Schweiss hydraulic one piece door with the spherical bearings and with a backup system.


Q: 50' x 14' Schweiss Hydraulic Hanger door. 110 mph wind load, windows, remote, man door In bidding process, need suggestions & quote.


Q: I am specifying for an existing garage, requires sound rating, appx weight 1000 pounds. Do you have any sound rated Schweiss Hydraulic door design? Can it be airtight to 100 mph wind? I am gathering info for a proposal, so a appx cost and time is needed ASAP. Thank you, Samual Kork


Q: Need tech. info. on 62'-0" X 18'-0" vertical lift, windrated Schweiss Hydraulic lift door, with 15'-0" clearance. Also include installation charge and shipment to North Carolina coast.