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192: Wood Buildings - H


Q: Building is wood frame, tin skinned. I am looking for close to 12' clearance, so I need to know if you can extend the Schweiss hydraulic door pivot above the door via arms to give the needed clearance. At 12' the corners are close to the roof, so the arms would move toward the center. I am not sure of the pitch, but a guess is the peak is close to 8' at the center of the 40' building. If Schweiss Doors feels a straplift bifold door would work better please tell me.  Feel free to call if I can offer more information. Thanks, Joel


Q: Note I'm giving you opening width & ceiling height please price door size based on your actual dimensions required to my opening availabilty. Also provide an alternate for a 20' wide Schweiss hydraulic Red Power door. Existing structure is wood stud framed 2x6 wall @ 16" o.c. Price standard window size in door (2) windows. Price remote control Price complete hydraulic pump system Door insulation? Alternate for the free standing header system? is that an option on a wood stud framed building? Price the 7 seperate options (sensors etc) Price labor by Schweiss as an alternate send details of structural work required to make the wood stud structure acceptable.


Q: Looking for a quote on a full frame door to attach to the exterior of a wood building. Price on both liftstrap bifold and hydraulic with installation labor. Also how much height would I lose with the bi-fold door versus hydraulic.