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204: Red Power Hydraulics - H


Q: Hello: I was wondering if you would sell the Red Power motor and the reduction gear equipment, as my door is already made. Thanks 


Q: You previously gave us a quote. The door design has changed to become two 10' hydraulic Red Power Schweiss doors. We are underway with construction now so I need to re-quote this with the new design sizes. I would like to email you a link to download a PDF of the plans once I have a contact person established at Schweiss. The building is a combination of concrete, wood and steel. The doors will mount to steel posts and a steel header. On the door height below we are looking for a 7' - 6" clear opening. I added the 1' - 11" 'E' dimension shown on the original quote to come up with the 9' - 5" Quote needs to include: Photo eye sensor, remote controls, wall buttons and top overrides (if needed)