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22: Steel Buildings


Q: I need a door that is prepped for an interior liner. The rough opening on my steel structure is 45' x 16' and ready to receive a door. Please quote a "Schweiss Bi-Fold" with lift straps and shipping.


Q: I need a price on a 32x14 Schweiss bi-fold/high fold strap door asap. Its going on an existing newer steel construction. Have meeting set for today @ 10:00. Thanks


Q: Building x style hangar 40'x40'x16' from in Newfoundland. Need a Schweiss hangar door for a small aircraft (Challenger II, 7.5' tall x 29.5' wingspan on floats). What do you recomend for this style of steel building. Cost of door, do you deliver to Newfoundland and cost? I would like to self install? Need to provide 220 VAC for the power to this door? What is required in addition to the existing hangar design to support this door? Wind load?


Q: The bifold door we spoke about is 40' wide x 45' high. it will be located in the center of the endwall in a steel building with an eave 48' high. Roof slope will be a 1/2" per 12" and the ridge will be 50' high. Under seperate cover I mailed you next day mail drawings showing the appearence of the building with floor plan. Questions: Can we supply and install our building wall panels to match the building. Do you install the Schweiss bifold strap door? Would we install blanket insulation on the inside of the door? How much headroom does your door take up in the open position? I assume this is from the bottom of our header Loading requirements: 110 MPH wind Ss .09- 3.00 S1 .09 and .o66