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27: Residential


Q: I have one of my very good customers who needs a 50' x 16' one piece hydro. door. Now I'm really good at Doors of all kinds, But this is my first need for this, I've done dozens of Schweiss bifold doors over the years, and it seems to me that you are the folks I need installation instructions for this one. I've been told by another installer that they are actually easier to install. I assume you'll have instruction manual with delivery of the doors? 


Q: I am in the process of a custom home design and would like to specify a Schweiss Doors bifold door, the kind with the quiet opening lift straps. After looking through photos on your website. I would like a bifold that is similar to your New York Restaurant Store Front Project. I would like the bifold to be metal frame with glass folding in half to form an awning. I have listed the overall size as 15' wide by 8' height. The glass panels would be best if the bifold door's width was divided in three equal window panels each being approx. 4'6" and then the metal frame using up the remainder of the 15' width! The height of the door could be greater than 8' if the proportions looked correct. I would like to have some sort of ballpark price for this kind of door to determine if it will work with our budget. If the door pricing is close to our budget requirements, we can proceed from there with very specific details! I look forward to your quick response! Regards, Susan. PS. The windows for this home will be aluminum framed. The bifold door should match this look!


Q: I am looking for an 8-foot square bi-fold with straps, insulated glass, low-e. My home windows I'm matching are aluminum clad, black, wood interior (interior material not important). I need a ballpark price to see if this is worth exploring. Thanks.


Q: I am working on a residential project and need a price on 1 of your Bi-fold doors, in the bid include lift straps, strap latches and photo eye sensors. Thanks


Q: Yes Sir, I am looking for a residential application of a bifold window approx 9' wide X 4' tall. This is a kitchen wall out to an outdoor patio in a vey modern style house. Concerns would be sealing and controls. Can you please shed some light on possible applications. Thank you in advance. Tim 


Q: Looking for prices on a bi-fold strap door for a cedar home in Montana. Can Schweiss Doors provide cladding to match the home exterior or am I responsible for that. I'd also like to install the door myself. I hear they are easy to install.