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28: AirParks


Q: We are bidding a project at a small airpark in New Jersey and need a price on Bi-Fold Straplift Schweiss Hangar Doors. Please let me know who I can email the drawings to. Need Price by the 19th of this month to present at our corporate meeting. We will be needing several doors, do you have a discount for multiple orders? How soon could you deliver? Thank you Inez


Q: Have a request from a customer for a 40' x 18' Bifold airpark liftstrap door. Please send pricing and specs. 3 windows and 2 remote controls


Q: I need a rough quote for a 40' x 14' Schweiss bifold strap door. -Is there a price break for door height (i.e. is 12' cheaper?) I am putting together a proposal for a local airpark and need to know the rough cost of building a hanger. Thanks for the help.


Q: Preliminary price shopping to build an airpark hangar in New Richmond WI. I'm unsure of hangar door size now, (maybe 48 ft.) but to keep the comparisons accurate, the quoted hangar will be 54X54X15. Thanks. In the pricing can you please include, Bifold Lift straps and a remote control.


Q: I live near Denton Texas (just north of Dallas), does someone do your Bifold and hydraulic doors down here?? I live at an airpark, hangar is on the end of the house. Saw the Schweiss Doors at the Aero County East open house. Very well built and sleek looking.