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33: Riding Arena's


Q: Will be a new riding arena building. Need 3070 inside door, will have interior liner panels up 8'. Would like the door opening to be flush with exterior. Do you recommend a Schweiss liftstrap bifold or a hydraulic one-piece cylinder model? Quote me on four doors please, all the same size. Two on the ends and two on the sides. This is a new wood structure.


Q: Hi! Our indoor arena has washed sand as the flooring. I'm having trouble with dust and just wondering what others use in their arena for dust control.....just hoping you will be able to offer me some suggestions/ideas as to what works for you!!! Can a flexible seal of some sort be placed around the bifold doors? Thanks much and will look foward to your response. Love our doors.


Q: Seeking bid for New riding arena in Hot Springs, Specs call for electrically operated vertical lift bifold liftstrap door, 60x19, wind load per 2006 IBC.


Q: Would like a quote on a 20 foot wide by 14 foot tall Schweiss Bi-fold riding arena door. I can adjust the header to height so when door is open I still have 14 feet of clearance. Would like to have some sort of power opener on it. Also would like straps and have it insulated. This is for a wood building arena. Below I selected I beams for door posts it is actually 10" heavy channel.


Q: I have a Schweiss bi-fold door on my riding arena. The top seal has been wind ripped on one end. Do you have replacements? Do I need to replace the whole seal or just 10 ft. on the ripped end? Door width in 42 ft. How much am I looking at to repair or replace the top seal. Thanks.


Q: I just spoke with gal about utilizing Schweiss liftstrap bifold doors on the side of an indoor riding arena. In this particular situation we would want the vertical opening to be 96" and will want see through glass installed on the face of the door instead of a metal panel. This would be installed on the side of a wood structure (pole building) and would likely be 24' wide doors with four sidewall columns being spaced at 8' on center....this would allow for each door to span the bays of post spacings. In this particular situation we would need at least 5 insulated doors with remote openers. Schweiss Doors to do install in New Jersey. 


Q: We have a cleint that has a large Bi fold door and right now it has cables. I read somewhere you have  a device that can be attached to the door as a anti drop safety if by chance all the cables break at the same time. It is in a arena they use the doors for community events. I suggested a warning device as the doors are open and close. Could you give me some ideas on any other ways around this problem. Thanks Michael


Q: Please email me pictures of indoor riding arenas using glass Schweiss patented bifold strap doors as windows on the side. Thanks