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34: T-Hangars


Q: At our airport in Morehead, KY, we recently constructed a nested t-hanger with your Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold doors on them. I was wondering what the cost would be for another Schweiss Bi-fold door that is 15x42? I need it to handle a wind load 110 MPH and photo eye sensors  Thank You,


Q: We are doing some budget work. 1. a 44'x 12' (clear opening) door for a single hangar prefer a strap door 2. 10 40'x 11' (clear opening) for a 'T' complex this needs to be a Schweiss strap door also.


Q: Bidding on a steel building with T-hanger design. Need a price on (8) 48' wide x 16' tall bifold autolatch doors with lift straps. Job is located in Venice, Fl. and has a wind rating of 130 mph.


Q: We need a quote of 16 each 20'x 20' Schweiss bi-fold liftstrap T-Hangar doors by July 6th. Can you get a big order like this to us on time, or even half the order by then would be OK for a week or so.


Q: Hello, I recently bought a T-Hangar at the Olympia,  airport that has your doors, and I have a couple of questions. 1. How high should the doors go up, I need the door to go as high as possible (are there specs. somewhere for the Bifold Strap doors? How do I adjust the opening height and insulate our doors? Should I be greasing any part of the hinges on a regular basis? Appears to be a very stucturally well built door. Think I'm gona like it a lot. Thanks, Martin


Q: I am a developer, in T-hangars getting quotes as I am in the pre-bid process. Interested in 42X 12 high opening. Please quote on Schweiss Door bifold straplift units with remote openers and at price break numbers. Include price of a walkdoor. Thanks, Jim


Q: Require price and delivery on the following. 1/ 5- Bifold strap doors 12 x 40 with man door and lift straps for T hanger. We will install 2/ 1- Bifold door 12' x 42 no man door, with lift straps for 5 aircraft hanger.