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37: Both Doors


Q: Send you a request for a price installed for a hanger bifold straplift and another hangar hydraulic door to fit 40 x14 and 60x40 on a hanger sidewall. Sliding doors now on them have been nothing but trouble.


Q: (1)  60'x18' bi-fold Schweiss hydraulic door, auto open & close. One (1)  45'x14' bi-fold auto open & close. Both will be mounted on a new pre-engineered wood and steel structure for cold storage.


Q: You sent a quote earlier for this door, but as a one piece big Schweiss hydraulic door I believe, I need a quote for a bifold also. I am a contractor working for a customer and pricing 2 of these doors for one steel building and will be requesting pricing for and additional one piece hydraulic door. Please quote pricing with this in mind since all doors would be ordered at once. Thanks.


Q: Do you have a pdf document that we can download as reference to our clients? Do you have a representative in South Africa, as Namibia is the neighbouring country, and fairly easy to do business with them. I'm interested in your Straplift Bifold and Red Power Hydraulic doors.  thank you


Q: WE are looking for the best door option for our hangar we are building. Any recommendations between the Schweiss hydraulic vs the bi-fold strap door system, that would be appreciated. The door is to be 60 wide and have a 16' high clear opening. Do heavier doors call for your Red Power system?