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38: Wood Buildings


Q: I need a bid for a bifold. It'll be installed on a  newer wood biomass building. I am thinking 4 lift straps on this 40 ft. door. Is that too many or not enough, use your Schweiss Door judgement on the quote. You know what's best.


Q: Please give me a quote on a Schweiss lift-strap Bi-fold 40ft by 9ft wooden door for my wooden pole building. Thank you for an early reply. Please include estimated shipping cost. Lyle D.


Q: You recently delivered doors for two neighbors, and I am jealous they look great and are perfect for what I need. I have an existing wood pole building (Wick) that sustained some door damage. I would like to replace the two sliding end wall doors with a bi-fold strap door system. I would like an estimate including instalation. The opening is 30ft wide and 15ft high. I want to keep the 15ft height to the bottome of the truss.


Q: I Need a Schweiss Door option that will be 35x10 for a wooden building.I have a customer that needs a door for his garage that he stores his ultraglide in. We're looking at a liftstrap bi-fold with remote opener and siding to match his house. Please have a salesperson call me asap. Thanks Harold


Q: I am just completing a wood biomass building with a 40 foot wide by 14 foot high open space. Please quote an approximate price for a Schweiss bifold door with lift straps and autolatches to fit. Delivery will be late spring.


Q: Got price on your Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold just want to price hydraulic doors in 28x15ft 6in and 20x12 doors, thanks. Being mounted in wood construction thanks


Q: I would like information on a Schweiss Bi-Fold Liftstrap Door. I have two 22' overhead doors with removable center post. Wood building 2.5 roof pitch with 4' overhang. Two end trusses next at 9" and 12" then 24". Door opening hight 11' 6", height at side 13' 6" giving you a 24" wedge. My current doors are about 1600 lb. The door opening is 6" lower than the bottom of the truss. I am very hard of hearing! Please use email.


Q: Hi, my name is Karl. I have seen your ads in magazines for liftstrap bifold doors. I was wondering what the liftstraps do, I assume they lift the door. I have started a small shop north of town and the wood building needs a new and bigger door to replace the wood sliding doors on it now. If this sounds at all like something you could install please contact my welding & repair shop. I have other questions as well pertaining to measuring for the Schweiss door, cost and possible other upgrades.