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41: Strap Doors


Q: I need a strap door for a small shop. I would like to have at least 8' clearence with the door fully open. I can go with a overhead door but because of the small space to the rafters when the door is open the most overhead clearence I can get is maybe a 7'9" opening. I'm thinking a bi-fold might work better. And I really like your strap system. My opening is 9'4" wide. What size of door would I need and what would it cost for one that is insulated.


Q: I have 3 Schweiss cable operated hanger doors 9' x 40'. I need to replace some of the cables, BUT instead of doing that I would rather convert them all to your Schweiss strap system. It looks like 1/4 inch cable. Do you sell straps in bulk, like 100 foot rolls or 250 or are they all custom cut to size and ready to install? Also can you retrofit cable doors to autolatches? Thanks.