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42: Garage Door


Q: Interested in a insulated door for 10x10 multiple application or single Schweiss bifold strap garage door to cover span. Your consideration appreciated.


Q: Hi, Do your Schweiss doors come with all the tracks and mounting hardware? I would like a quote on a bifold straplift door that is not finished, ie the skeleton/frame only as I would need to finish the outside myself, although I want you to put a primer paint on it. It needs to be complete with tracks and mounting hardware. It also needs to have an electric opener. I am interested in determining if this would cost about the same as a traditional garage door. 12 feet wide. 7 feet tall.


Q: Do you offer a Schweiss Bi-fold strap door for a garage door opening of 16' wide by 10' high? I need two. In the price include remote controlled openers, 2 windows and insulation. 


Q: I have a residential garage. The door is 16 x 7. I would like an insulated Schweiss liftstrap bifold with windows on the top. I want the windows placed so the straps don't obstruct the view. 


Q: Hi, We are designing a new single-family residence in Seattle and would like to use a bi-fold liftstrap door at the garage. I have sketches of head and jamb details that shows our design intent. These were based off the detail drawings I saw on your Schweiss Doors website. I would like to email these sketches to someone in your office and we can go from there. 


Q: I have a 1 car attached garage, over the years (when the kids were younger) we turned the garage into a play room. We replaced the garage door with a standard sliding glass door. The kids are gone and I want my garage back to restore my 65 Mustang. With the inside and outside of the garage having been redone, I can not put a regular garage door back in with out major reconstruction. The Mustang will fit thru the rough opening, if you take out the door and remove all the hardwear. The door is under the gutter side of the garage, so I'm thinking a Schweiss bifold strap door would be best. I would need the new door installed. Any info would be helpful. Thanks


Q: Interested in a bi-fold door with the fast lift straps and auto-latches for a traditional residential 2 door garage. Need remotes and safety sensors. It is 15' x 8' and wood construction.  Dean J. 


Q: My wife and I are remodeling an existing house and adding a large one car garage (19wide x 24deep x 13high) and want to explore the possiblity of using one of your bifold garage doors, 8 high by 10 wide before framing. My interest is to keep the door outside the garage so I can stack cars two high with a lift. I also want to be able to blend the outside with the other garage doors which will be replaced. I got your name from a friend who has your door on his airplane hangar (he really likes it) and I then went to this website. Can you give me an idea of cost, including opener, and the time needed for delivery once the order is placed? The 8ft by 10 ft size is the full opening I have before any framing for the door is done. How much height would a bifold or hydraulic door take when folded or raised? Thanx




Q: Dear Schweiss We have a project that needs a very big Schweiss garage door and think your bifolds with straps could work. Ideally the surface would be finished either in timber boards or corten steel, both of which are surface materials on the rest of the project. The site is in the UK. Could you please give us an indication of what the cost would be for supplying these to England? The sizes we have entered below are approximate. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Email is best. Thanks Scott


Q: Looking for a Schweiss bifold liftstrap door for my wood garage - 8' tall x 10 ' wide I would like the bid to include wireless remote and insulated. What options do you have for exterior cladding? I want it to match the outside of my house.


Q: We are working on a project to replace 5 sectional overhead garage doors with 5 new Schweiss bi-folding strap doors. Openings have widths of up to 79 feet and clear heights up to 27 feet. We also have corner conditions of adjacent doors and have been tasked with maintaining the existing opening sizes. We have started drawings for the project based on a different door manufacturers standard details but are having difficulty getting support for the project and specific details. If you can be price competitive and team oriented, we would be happy to use your product. It looks like a high quality door.


Q: We are building a house and need a large garage door. We like the glass covered Schweiss designer bi-fold door system that you have. Can you give me an estimate on what that would cost delivered? Thank you Nancy


Q: I am building a single family residence with two garages (9' and 11') and I really like the Schweiss folding door with the straps and automatic latches. I am looking for a solution that allows my doors to be flush with my siding and this seems to do it. Do I need special permits for the door and/or does my structural engineer need to do any design work for me to use the door? The house is already framed and I really would not want to add additional expense if I don't have to. What is the cost of the doors and the leadtime for delivery. Any other issues or upgrades I need to think about for an installation? Thanks, Shane


Q: Looking for a wood Schweiss bi-fold door for a two car residential home, in the Detroit area. By wood, I don't mean the door frame, just the exterior cladding to match my home. If two doors are about the same price as one big door I'd be more interested in that. Keeps heat from leaving the garage. please include quote for atuo locks an remote controls.  Do you have any installers in the area? I live in a non-violent neighborhood.