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43: Door Sizes


Q: I have an existing pole building that I am considering making into a farm shop. There is an opening that is 13' 7" wide and the height would end up at about 13' even I would like to not lose much head room if any. There isn't much of a header if at all it is on the end wall. there was at one time sliding doors. The barn currently has a dirt floor which is why the height is approximate and could be changed. what type of reinforcement is required for Schweiss bi-fold and hydraulic doors as far as header and sides? I would for right now like a estimate on the door size provided unless you have a good deal on a standard door size that is close to this. Also this building I believe is about 50 years old.


Q: Approx 4 yrs ago we bought (2) 40' x 14' Schweiss bi-folds and they work wonderfully. We are now looking to build another hanger and would like pricing on 2 doors . I'd like 12' clear opening x approx 45' wide w/ auto close/latch. Give me es.t on 2 or 3 different width doors between 45 and 50' please. I'm not sure if you have a stock size in that range that is more economical. Our current 40' doors are too tight with a 38' wingspan and the fact that we are going to put 2 planes on each side now instead of 1 each. Thanks Lewis


Q: Looking for a price to install a bi-fold door with lift straps and autolatches on my aircraft hanger. Do your Schweiss Doors come in a list of standard sizes or are they custom made. My hangar is a rather odd dimension. What further information will you need from me?  Zack