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45: Hangar


Q: I am a bidder on the County Airport Hanger Repair project in NJ. Schweiss Doors were a specified hanger door supplier noting Bifold liftstrap doors with remote openers. If you are submitting a quotation on this project, I would appreciate receiving your price.


Q: I'm working on a material list for a customer out in onr of our Yukon River villages who is trying to build a 40'x 44' hanger with the door in the 44' wall. He needs a 40' wide by 11' clear opening. This needs to be insulated and to about R-21. Your strap system Bifold Schweiss door sounds like it might work for him. This village is not on our road system and needs to be heavely crated as it will be transported by a barge in the spring when the ice goes out on the Yukon River. Please send me an estimate on what a door for this hanger would cost and what it would weight delivered to the docks in Tacoma, Washington. E-mail works well for me if you have any questions. If I don't hear from you in a few days I'll try the 800 number. Thanks,


Q: I am in the process of getting quotes for a new 80X100 steel hangar. I would like for someone to call me about 2 bi-fold straplift/autolatch doors that will have walk doors built in. The hangar will have taxi ways on both sides.


Q: Price on a Schweiss bifold hangar door 14'x40, delivered and installed. In the quote please add nylon lift straps and photo-eyes and insulation package.


Q: We have a local customer that would like us to furnish and install a bifold Schweiss strap lift hanger door on a small hanger that is constructed of siding and wood posts. The Hanger is not insulated or heated. The opening size is 42'0"w x11'5"h and is framed with 6"x 6" posts. We have approximatly 24" of headroom to install the free standing header for your door. Please quote furnish only 1 Bi Fold door to fit this opening. Please including freight to: Michigan


Q: We are doing a programming estimate for a client to replace 3 bi-fold hangar doors, each approximately 79' x 18' and would like an approximate cost for the doors. He will rip out the old doors (they are from a different manufacturer than Schweiss).


Q: I am finally getting my hanger built and would like a quote & dimensions with specs for your bi-fold strap door. 40 ft wide with 11 feet clear height. Options I would like for the door are Lift straps, auto-latches and walk door on the left hand side. 


Q: We have an existing older (1980) wooden airplane hangar and we are looking to upgrade the door. Please we are looking for a 50 ft wide Schweiss bifold strap door with 17 ft clearance. Please let us know if you have any contractors in our area that could help us assess our building for compatibility or if we need a free standing header. Regards, Stan


Q: I'd like a quote on a Schweiss bifold/strap door that functions like Eaa hangar in Biddeford, Maine. I own a hangar that is 44x58 with 12' height. Sure think your strap system beats cables all to heck.


Q: I want to know the Schweisses doors bi-fold door's price I'm from Mexico and need to know if there are people who can speak Spanish, because my English is not good. so, I'm really interested in yours products. I need the quote of this doors cause we are building a hangar and I want to know if you need the measures in inches or meters, thank you very much! regards. Jorge 


Q: I'm in the process of planning an airplane hangar. I will need a Schweiss hydraulic lift door measuring 12 ft tall by 48 ft wide. I would like to get a quote from you asap. It will be a steel structure. Can you work with me to make sure the door matches the rest of the building?


Q: Just ordered a hangar. Steel door opening will be 10X38. Looking for your least expensive Schweiss bifold liftstrap door, color matched door to allow full access to this opening - with electric motor