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48: Door Kits


Q: I purchased a bi-fold door from you in 2006 and I would like to order some bifold Schweiss patented liftstraps for my door to replace the squeeky cables. My original sales order number was 13957, BID # 14116-QB. I need the following parts; 4 x new lift straps and autolatch kit.


Q: Do you sell a hardware kit so I can build the door panels myself 40x12 bi fold liftstrap Hangar door, is a bifold the better door for areas that get a lot of snow?, FYI building is a wood frame 2x6 commercial type building with a 14' ceiling, Thank-you


Q: Attn. Schweiss Parts Dept.: I'm interested to find out the purchase price of the parts to create the lift strap mechanism for a bi-fold door, such as the gearbox, motor, sprockets, controller (limits, etc.). I'll need a shorter version of the shaft along with some flange bearings, too. I have a hangar door which has a Liftmaster Pro model. I want something similar but doesn't have to be that robust as I'm only going to lift 800#. This will be a custom fabrication and a one time only project for my own use. Thanks, hope you can help. Paul M


Q: I just purchased a 60' x 60' Executive Hangar at HMT Airport in California. Hangar has Schweiss bifold door in superior condition. I'm interested in two "add-on"s: (1) Remote control operation (garage door opener) and (2) infra-red motion sensor to ensure that door is not inadvertently closed onto aircraft, cars, or persons. Please provide, or direct me to, the relevant information. Thanks for great products!


Q: I'm really interested in the options you have for your Schweiss hydraulic and bifold strap doors. Please include optional pricing for photo eyes, interior liner panel provisions, 3 button automatic switch and emergency back-up hand crank.


Q: Hello, Is it possible to purchase just the Lift Strap conversion kit for my 48 ft hangar door, It is presently lifted with cables from the top. I would require a new gear and motor unit as well as four lift straps with drums and tightener. The shafting and pillow block bearings I will source locally. I don't know where the door that I presently have came from, not a Schweiss door, it is 48x16 ft and is constructed from 3x3 steel tubing. Thank you Bill