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52: Steel Door


Q: I have a steel frame building and need to add a door 14'x14' and not enough room for overhead type garage door, do not have side columns in yet as not sure what type of door we will be getting at this point it is between an overhead roll up door or a Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold, price is the biggest factor of course


Q: Price quote a 2 piece bifolding vertical lift Schweiss door for 16' x 14' to fit this opening. Its a new steel structure. Price liftstraps, not cables.


Q: I need to get a quote for a 30' x 16' straplift bifold steel biomass building door. It is centered in the endwall of a 60' x 150' x 18', 2:12 steel building. Please include cost of a pedestrian door and windows if not included in price.


Q: We may be buying a building (red iron) and we want a 12 X 44 Schweiss door. Would you be able to provide a door on the same load that the building would be delivered with? The building would be delivered to Alberta ... OR Is there a Schweiss hydraulic or bifold liftstrap dealer in Edmonton, Alberta that we could purchase a door from later. I would prefer the door to come with building and make sure everyting fits when we assemble and not have the problems of cutting and welding or waiting for missing parts to be shipped forever there after.