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56: Retrofitting


Q: I need to know something about retrofitting from cables to straps on my older but still good bifold  door... I have a 10 year old quonset hut style hangar, and one of their doors. Last weekend I experienced near total cable failure on one drum. As I'm sure you're well aware, I won't name the manufacturer of the door, but they ran themselves out of business, leaving me without an avenue for replacement cables. Have you guys at Schweiss Doors done strap conversions to other manufacturers doors? My tenant is coming to use the hangar so I'm a little under the gun on this. Any information would be greatly appreciated. And if it can be done, are the straps something I can install? Should have gone with the best the first time around.  Thanks! Kelly


Q: Hi there I currently have a bi-fold door that is cable lifted and was wondering if you could put together a kit price on converting it to the lift strap system. It is a model S12 with I think a 56' opening. Please let me know what you come up with. Thank you 


Q: Would like a quote for service of our Bi-fold Schweiss door as well as the conversion of 8 cables to the lift strap. Door is still operating smoothly after 11 years continuous use. I'd just feel better if someone checked it out when you come to do the transfer to liftstraps.


Q: I would like a price on Schweiss liftstraps for a 17" x 50' bifold Schweiss door. Also the lead time for delivery. Thank you.


Q: Dear Ladies and Gentlemens, years ago, 1998, we bought a Schweiss Bifold Door and installed the system in our Hangar in Germany. Our door is Model No.S224 No.L9. From extensive use over the last 10 years. The cables are getting tired. On your Homepage we saw the new Lift Straps System. Is it possible to change our system to the new system? Please send me a quote with shipping them to me in Germany. Looking forward to hear soon from you. Best Regards, Horst


Q: I have a Schweiss BI FOLD door on my 50'X50' hangar. It was here when I bought the home with hangar in 2007. The door is approx. 14 ft. tall and 45 ft wide It has four lift cables and two closing cables (spring loaded). I've heard great things about the lift straps and I would like to switch them over to straps. Do you have any instruction sheets as to how do the change over? The electric drive motor is a Stearns.


Q: We are looking to replace our old Schweiss cable system on our bifold doors with a strap system. The strap system seems to be the way to go and I have multiple sets of doors that I need quotes for. The first set is 18ft 2in wide and 15ft 6in tall. The second set has measurements below. Both buildings are wood construction with side doors. Would like a quote as soon as possible. Thank YOU


Q: We bought a 65 X 14 door from you guys on 9/24/93 as well as the power unit. It has performed flawlessly over the years. I was curious about who to contact about getting some replacement parts that are wearing out over the years, I'm talking about frayed cables which I would like to replace with your straps. Could we take pictures so we have a visual of what some of these straps are? Should I do that? Do you have any advice? It is a top drive power unit. I have much of the paperwork from the original sale. We would like to get this replaced and would kindly ask for your reply. Thanks


Q: Looking to retrofit a 28x16 door have sliders and they are a pain. Looking to go Schweiss bi-fold doors with latches and also looking to add 20x 12 bi-fold in new construction. Thanks need prices


Q: Looking to add a straplift on my bifold cable door. Tell me what information you'll need and is it something I can install myself?


Q: I have two fairly old Schweiss bi-fold doors I would like to fit with your strap lift system. Will you sell just that portion? My door sizes are 17h x 22W (approx 1200lbs without the lifting mechanism), and a 19h x 26W (1700 lbs). If this is a possibility please forward pricing. Thank You Jamar 


Q: I am repairing a building and want to install a 24' Bi-fold door- From the bottom of our 12" steel beam which supported a 24' sliding type door which doesnt work, I would like maximun clearence. The building presently is 54' wide x 96' long. The door is located on the sidewall of the building. What does your company recommend for Height clearence and How much weight will we need to support ? I have installed a Schweiss Bi fold personally and I love it? I would like to get another. Please call if you have other questions, Also, I would like a quote on a 24' x 14'9" as this is the opening we presently have. Thanks James


Q: I installed my 22' Schweiss door in 1984 on a new Menards building. I love it ! I still get comments on today. The cables look like they are 30 years old and would like to improve the door and not just maintain it. Is there any way I could convert my cable system to lift straps? If so, could you quote me on the material and hardware that will be needed to change it over? Sincerely, Cliff


Q: Have a bi-fold door, not of Schweiss construction, but bottom drive shaft, steel cable same as you fabricate or have a selection of cable shafts or better yet, will your bifold liftstrap retrofit to my door? Door is approx 41 feet wide, presently using 5 cables. Thank you