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61: Paint booth


Q: Hello, We're looking for a quote on One- 18'Wx13'T and one 12'4"Wx13'T insulated Schweiss straplift bifold door for our paint building. There will have to be some modifications to our building as far as the mounting header for the hinge system, because of the locations of the doors, they're both all the way to the one side of the building that has the pitch of the roof contour. The door opening goes almost all the way to the lower roof line, then there's approx 4' above the door on the other side of it. Both doors openings are setup right up to the side wall of the building. So I'm thinking we'll have to build some kind of steel frame around the door opening for mounting these doors to. Feel free to give me a call to discuss the specifics if you'd like. If I'm not available you can also ask for our general manager. Thanks!


Q: Interested in a 20' x 12' Schweiss bi-fold door for a paint booth. My shop is a wood and metal structure that is ready to have a interior door installed.      


Q: I have a customer with 2 openings of 20'10 1/2"x 10, 20'4"x 10. These exterior paint shop doors will have Tin siding on them. He wants the bifold door. Only option he's looking at is the lift straps. Lowest cost possible. Please call or e-mail. Thanks


Q: I need a quote on a schweiss door for an opening 37' wide, 8' high on my truck paint room and repair shed. The wall that this will be attached to is 40'wide, 16' wide. What is your most economical door, the Hydraulic or the bifold? Please quote shipping to Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Thanks Fred


Q: Hi, I am a general contractor being asked to bid on a 35' opening 12' in height to enclose one wall of a paint spray booth using a door. Can you give me a budget number for one of your high quality Schweiss liftstrap bifold or hydraulic doors? The application will be for a spray booth enclosure 18' x 40' x 14' with 25,000 CFM of airflow and the potetntial to pressurize up to 1 to 2 WC on the door. Currently they are using a vinyl curtain on the opening and it not cutting it. Thanks, Neal